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Flashbacks. Shock. Fear. Hyper-Vigilance.

You are constantly on guard.  Triggers can come from anywhere.  It’s impossible to trust anyone.

It’s like watching a scary movie.  On edge all the time. Scared and anxious. You live this way all day, everyday.

The scenery around you changes, but you are stuck in a state of reliving your trauma– preoccupied with the next real or imagined threat.

You feel powerless.  You want to move forward in life, but your trauma either has you driving in circles or going the wrong way.

You may have had thoughts like…

  • Will I ever heal from this?
  • Why do I respond this way when other people can “just go on” with their life?
  • How do I stop letting my trauma define me?

If you feel trapped by overwhelming, unpredictable and persistent trauma-related emotions, it is likely you are also feeling helpless and hopeless.

You want to recover and heal, but are uncertain where to begin.  The impact of unresolved trauma can be devastating.  It can negatively affect our self-esteem, habits, relationships, health, decision-making and lead to self-destructive behaviors.

The reality is, healing is possible.  Within a safe and trusting therapeutic environment, you can manage, heal and recover from the effects of trauma.

What is Trauma?

Trauma is an emotional response to a highly distressing event or experience that has an impact on a person’s ability to cope and function. Trauma can happen at any age, cause long-lasting harm and affect people differently

The impact of trauma can be painful and destructive.  Trauma can challenge your beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

It can steal your sense of safety and self-esteem, while leaving you experiencing a spectrum of responses including feeling numb, detached, anxious and panicky.

You try going about your daily life, but the distressing memories have you reliving your traumatic experiences and trigger a multitude of physical as well as emotional responses.

“Good days” can quickly change into difficult days when you are unexpectedly triggered by a sensory feeling (taste, touch, smell, sight, sound) that you associate with trauma.

These triggers cause you to re-experience your trauma as your brain is tricked into thinking there is a current threat or danger.  Your defenses are now up and you react by experiencing anxiety or panic attacks, feeling sadness, having flashbacks or nightmares , engaging in violence or aggression and/or numbing the pain through maladaptive coping mechanisms (substance abuse, self harm).

Examples of trauma

  • Abuse (physical, sexual, emotional)
  • Neglect (physical, emotional, basic needs)
  • Discrimination
  • Racism
  • Extreme Poverty
  • Bullying
  • Domestic or Family Violence
  • Community Violence
  • Dating or Intimate Partner Violence
  • Natural Disasters
  • Wars
  • Witnessing Death
  • Assault/Rape
  • Accidents (car, airplane, boat, motorcycle)
  • Serious Illness/Bodily Injury/Medical Procedures

I am Here to Help.

Trauma-focused therapy works to identify the traumas you have experienced as well as the impact of the specific traumas on your life.  Identifying trauma is the first step to healing it.

Once the traumas are identified, we can then work together to find healthy ways of coping with trauma-responses and tolerate uncomfortable feelings.  You will learn to make sense of your trauma.

As you begin to heal, you will have less anger, frustration and irritability.  Feelings of being overwhelmed will decrease as your confidence in managing triggering situations increases.  You will regain your sense of safety and trust, which in turn will allow you to live in the present.

Trauma will no longer define you.

It’s Time for a Change

Trauma survivors can not “just get over” their trauma.  It takes time, patience and work.  I am here to support you through the process.

Taking the first step toward getting help can be anxiety provoking, but it can also be life changing.  You deserve to live a life free from the burdens of trauma.

I am looking forward to helping you begin your therapy journey.

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